Reliable iPhone Portable Charging Bank

If you are looking for a good portable charging bank for your iPhone or iPod this is a great buy. When I got it I charged it out of the box for 8 hours before using it.

This plugs into the wall. It charges in the outlet easily. Then when you are ready to use it the outlet plug actually folds back into it so that you don’t have an ugly plug sticking out. The cord that attaches to your iphone is built in. So no worrying about losing it or having to look for another one. The cord actually folds into the charging bank when you are not using it. This is great for me because I probably have 10 of these cords but I always manage to lose them.

After an 8 hour charge it charged my phone in about an hour from 11 percent to 100 percent. Not bad at all. I really like using this when waiting for my kids to get out of school. Being in the car rider line for an hour is boring. So I usually play my phone the whole time. Quite often I forget to charge it to 100% before going to pick them up. So I just have it hooked up while waiting in the line.

On top of all that, this is small enough to fit in your back pocket. So if your kids or you like to play Pokemon Go or just spend a lot of time on your phone you can easily have this power bank on you so that you can charge anywhere!